Sunday, November 23, 2008

A grand idea for another post!

I've been checking out other Etsy sellers, and I just got an idea....I would like to share with you some of my favorites out there!

This week, I'll spend some time sharing with you my favorite sellers. I was promoting my shop on the forums and asking members to see their snowman products and so many people had adorable Snowmen so I thought I'd share with you some cute creations!

Today I will highlight two of my favorites:
Crafty Little kitten has some adorable stuffed snowmen and Santa Claus items. Her shop site is :

Earthly Creations: She's an awesome seller who has given my some great advice on my shop's pictures. She has some great pieces! She has some really creative pieces. One particular thing I really liked was some earrings in the shape of a fish! Jewelry is a hot item to sell and Earthly is really creative! She also has a pair of earrings that are pink and adorable. I also like her giraffe pendant and the dolphin pendant.
Her shop's address is:

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