Monday, October 26, 2009

Can we please have time off for good behavior?

I remember watching a movie on Lifetime a few years ago. Lori Loughlin played a young woman with 2 young children who divorced her cheating husband. Her husband in the movie failed to pay child support. She ended up with various things happening to her and I remember the one line in that movie, "Do I get time off for good behavior?" (to that effect, anyway!)

Anyway, I kind of feel that way. I was talking with my husband and we discussed me posting the situation he is in at the moment and he said I could write about it here. He is generally very private about his life, and like I said, I don't really like discussing personal details online, but today I am feeling stressed and freaked out.

About a year ago, he started having these issues with numbness and tingling and was admitted to the hospital for evaluation. It was found through a CT scan that he had a stroke. Without going into too many details, there was a debate as to whether he really had a stroke. A week later he was hospitalized again.

Anyway, fast forward to last week. He was feeling miserable and having a terrible headache, so he decided to go to the ER to see what is going on. Seems he has a tumor in his brain, near a blood vessel. They don't know what kind of tumor it is, but they need to do a biopsy to see what it is.

We are both scared, and needless to say, stressed out. We are confused, and frustrated by all the talk of whether it was a migraine, a stroke, a tumor, an infection or what. He got terrific care from the last hospital--everyone was thorough, and explained things well. The dr. were AWESOME there.

He got admitted somewhere else due to issues I'd rather not discuss here. He's having the biopsy on Thursday and tomorrow we will speak with the neurosurgeon to discuss options and outcomes.

Since we have been married, it's been either me or him that has had some sort of major health issue. It was almost expected from me though b/c since I was little, I've had numerous health issues to deal with.

I've had numerous flare-ups from a back issue, surgeries to correct congenital defects in my ears (and numerous ear infections that turned into mastoiditis) to a knee injury that led to the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, to now an 11 month battle with tendinitis that has me in tears some nights.

My hubby has had his fair share of issues too--he tore the rotator cuff in his arm, some "normal" routine illnesses like kidney stones and pneumonia to now a brain tumor that we have no idea what's causing it.

To some extent I can accept *some* crazy issues with our health, but could it PLEASE stop for a couple of years and let us enjoy some happiness?

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