Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Stamps!

Now that I have learned so much from the Expo and seeing so many cool stamps, I am completely more addicted to stamps than I ever thought I could be! :)

This stamps are from the Memories and Beyond Store--that's another store that has beautiful papers and some stamps from all kinds of companies. I think I am getting into some of the artsy ones, now that I am learning better techniques for coloring. I'd like to start owning some Copic markers, but I am hesitating on taking that first step for some reason. I'll like the artsy stamps more if I had those markers, since they blend well!

PricklyPears was one of the other companies too that I saw at the Expo. I have some customers who are looking for items for Hanukkah, so I've been collecting a small stash of items for people who are of the Jewish faith! Star of David and the Menorah are the 2 I got from there!

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