Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 peas Challenge

The 2 peas challenge for today was to answer why creativity is so important. While I think about this question, I think that there are 2 ways to look at this question. I hear from people that they don't think they are creative at all. What does that mean? I guess I think they can't think of good ideas for a project. I don't think that's the only definition. I think of being creative as the process of making something too.

Sometimes I don't feel like thinking of a creative way to make something, so I'll rely on past projects or a magazine for inspiration. Most of the time though, I feel like I NEED to be creative. It's relaxing for me, and it gives me joy to see what I have come up with. I think I am pretty creative when it comes to crafts. Even at work I think about ways I can be creative. The trouble is I am asked many times for a creative idea for something they need to do, but put me on the spot and I can't think that fast. I have to think for quite a while with little to no distractions.

So basically, I do think being creative is important. I strive on it. It's rewarding, and fun. When it seems like it's too much work, sometimes that's when my best work comes out!

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