Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kitties and More kitties!

Yesterday I posted about my silly pets. Snowball is my first cat that I ever owned. She's a Persian--white fur and big blue eyes. It's been said that many white cats with blue eyes are deaf but she defies that--she is in no way deaf. She comes when called. She loves a cuddle every now and then, and she has the best manners. She never jumps up on my unless invited. She's quite vocal at times too--when she meows, she sounds like she's saying "Ma-Ma"!

Then there's Pip; that's Pipsqueak for short. We got him shortly after we were married. Dh brought him in the door. We were getting our screen repaired, so he just put him in the opening and I heard this tiny little squeak come from the tiniest little kitten mouth. So adorable. That's how he got his name--he never meowed like cats do; he just sort of squeaked.

He thought it was fun to wake me up at 2 am to play. He was always smooshing his face into mine, sitting on my pillow/on my head, pawing at my face to get me to get up and play. Eventually he grew out of that. Sadly, last December, he walked out somehow, probably while I was letting the dog out, and he never came back. Pip--if you are out there, we hope you are being well-taken care of and hope you know we miss you! :(

There's Chico now. He's a brownish-black chihuahua. He's one of the most loyal dogs EVER. He follows me everywhere, he sleeps with me, and he's a good protector, though sometimes I think he's too overprotective.
He has a little bear that he likes to take to bed with him. He cracks me up with that little bear too because he is so gentle with him. He picks him up like it's glass that he doesn't want to break. It's a very different scene from his stuffed cow. He shakes the cow, which by the way, is almost as big as he is, all over the house, growls at it, and smooshes it into the ground. So silly, but that's what animals are for right? So we can call them silly!

Princess is our next kitten. She was found behind a relative's house, and she looked so much like Pip, that we had to have him. We missed Pip terribly and while he can never be replaced, Princess could practically be a close relative to Pip. She is incredibly rambunctious and silly. She was so tiny and needed to be fed by bottle. She would crack us up when feeding her--she would put her paws around the bottle and try to feed herself. Eventually she did really hold it for a few seconds. Then she'd drop it. She LOVED her milk. She knew it was coming in no uncertain times. She would also make noises to tell us she LOVED her milk. When she got old enough to feed her solid food, she did the same thing. She was funny because she was little enough to fit inside the bowl, and had to climb in there to eat b/c she was too little to reach!

We named her Snowy at first because we found her in the snow. Dh decided to change her name to Princess, then it was Princess Snowy. Later I ended up calling her Princess Nosy Pants because she has a HORRIBLE habit of wanting to know what you are doing every few minutes. If I move from my computer, she wants to know what I am doing in the new spot. It's hard to get mad at her b/c she is so darn cute-especially with this little freckle on her nose. Maybe we should have called her Freckles!

Finally, we took in Dusty, who is Princess' twin sister. By twin, I mean literally her twin. The look almost exactly alike. It was hard at first to tell them apart unless we looked right at them. That's why we got different colored collars--so we could learn to tell which one is which. It's getting easier the older they get. Princess is so darn rambunctious, so I know it's her if she's running all over. I know it's Dusty if she runs and hides. She's got a narrower face than Princess too. She's also Miss Fraidy Cat. I mean the textbook case of fraidy cat too! She runs and hides anytime there is a strange noise. But, she has the sweetest face. I don't know if it's because she's so easily scared or what, but she just warms my heart. (Well anyone that knows me knows how fond of kitties I am). She does cuddle at night though.

Without further ado, I am going to try and post some pics of my cute little pets!


button said...

Awwwwwwwwww....I love them! So precious your babies. You did a great job! Love your blog!
:o) button

Paperika said...

Thanks! :)