Monday, December 7, 2009

Good News! and Cuteness too!

YAY! Something good finally came out of Dh's diagnosis. He got admitted on Friday(that's not the good part) for having an allergic reaction to one of his seizure meds. He developed a rash so hot you could almost cook an egg on it. Poor guy, but he's home now and feeling MUCH better. Anyway, they finally told us what he has. He has anaplastic astrocytoma. I don't know a whole lot about it, but I am sure we'll know more tomorrow when we see the oncologist. The dr. said it's a Grade III, BUT, with treatment he should live a long, and great life. So that's AWESOME.

We are so relieved and happy, of course!

Anyway, I was doing a photo shoot for my Etsy shop. Miss Princess Nosy Pants had to be nosy and get a few shoots in there too. I like how many of them came out-the lighting, the cuteness on her face (even though I know she's thinking of her next plan to destroy something) and the way she is laying. She drives me bananas sometimes but her cuteness takes the cake! :)

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