Monday, July 13, 2009

SALE! and other ramblings


Hey everyone, come and check out my Etsy shop. I added some new stuff and I have a section that is 20% off. Lots of really nice stuff.

Etsy Toot for me! :) I got an email from a wonderful person who let me know how much she enjoys my shop. She wants to advertise on her blog. I am returning the favor and advertising her shop here.

Her shop is:

She sells lots and lots of cute Vintage books and other vintage stuff. Her shop reminds me of when I was a little girl, and my mom would cuddle us and read a book, usually Stuart Little. Fun shop and lots of cool stuff. I hope you check her out! ;)

I joined Facebook this past weekend. It's pretty cool, but hard to keep up. There isn't much new lately. I've been updating my shop the past few days and we had some family functions lately too.

My home party went really well. I was excited but a little nervous. It was fun though and had lots of fun!


The3Maries said...

Thanks for mentioning me. Love your cards!

Barbara said...

Hello paperika
I can see that you still did not install the FOLLOW WIDGET in your blog; this way you will not have any official readers. If you want to install it and have some followers do this:
Enter your blog/ click on layout/ click on add a gadget/ click on the first gadget of the list ( should be followers or fixed readers)
click save
Done!!! Easy!
Hugs Barbara

Paperika said...

Barbara--Thanks! I'll try and install it today.